I Can't Be Your Luna, I'm a Beta

I Can't Be Your Luna, I'm a Beta

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Cassandra is the youngest child to the alpha of the Blue Silver Pack by three minutes. Unlike her older twin brother, Nicholas, she is wild, goofy and opinionated. All of that changes on her 13th birthday. 
After Cassandra has a violent outburst in school, her father ships her away to live with family she has never met before halfway across the world. 
While there she finds it more beneficial since her uncle opens her eyes to the things her father hid from her.
However, two years pass when her father sends for her return, to be his beta with her brother.
The only problem with this is Cassandra is claimed by the ruthless alpha known only as V. Will there relationship work? Can Cassandra give up her new position to be Luna to a Mate she doesn't think is hers? Or will she find a way to balance the two roles in her life?


My AMAZING cover was made by xenomorphius
I 100% recommend if you need a cover :)
Also sequel is I Can't be your Luna, I'm a Warrior

hiplikeava hiplikeava Aug 12
How the hell is that fair? Their twins and they should get it at the same time, not hating I'm just confused. *sighs* the werewolf world is more sexist then trump being president
Quiet_Crona Quiet_Crona May 11
My twin's name is Nicky and I'm taller than him😊 we call our sister the midget
xxPattossxx xxPattossxx Sep 18
what kind of chocolate brown hair? milk, dark, nougat chocolate?
SoulTwinGirl SoulTwinGirl Jun 11, 2016
You mean puberty in the sense of going through wolfy changes? Bc in this world, puberty hits girls before it hits boys, usually. Girls are more developed than boys. Girls are 6 months ahead of boys until puberty when they are about a year more developed.
                              I like your story, I'm just confused.
Alice_kirkland019 Alice_kirkland019 Apr 22, 2016
I'm thinking of clintasha when I hear or read the word Budapest
darkveil_love darkveil_love Jun 22, 2016
She should be outraged at her father for that taking her from everything she has known. Away from her friends and mason. She should hate him I know I would