Divergent High  [Editing Occuring]

Divergent High [Editing Occuring]

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fearlandscape4 By fearlandscape4 Updated Nov 24, 2014

In the one year celebration of actually writing this (not yet 'published') I am editing it in hopes of making it better
Tris's parents get a new job, so her and her brother are forced to transfer schools.
She goes to a new school, and meets Christina.
She sees a cute boy, and wonders who it is, but is afraid if this is one is like her old boyfriend, the one she was happy to leave behind.

Looks off the the subscribe distance and wipes a tear. I actually believed
awesome_pigs1 awesome_pigs1 Dec 15, 2015
I could have sworn it said that she was a senior a minute ago
neverleavethefandoms neverleavethefandoms Jul 28, 2015
We aren't allowed to carry our backpacks at my school, but we can play on our phones in homeroom. And…if only u knew Tris, if only u knew…
neverleavethefandoms neverleavethefandoms Jul 28, 2015
...trying to be sweet when you just want to pound his face in!!
freakyandmajestic freakyandmajestic Apr 08, 2015
well its not four comments anymore cause i just commented but i just realized u have 4 comments and 46 likes thats ironic..lol c:
alohomoraluna alohomoraluna Mar 22, 2015
Finally! In every fanfic they bump into EACHOTHER in the halls. (Sorry about the caps. Autocorrect. Too lazy to fix it)