The Day My Love Flew Away (Justice Series #2)

The Day My Love Flew Away (Justice Series #2)

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Eyna ༄ By _Moreyna Updated Dec 16, 2020

Justice Series #2.

Raszea Shekainah Zarate, a prim and proper type of lady but can also be adventurous at the same time. She came from a family of doctors, she takes the same path as them but it wasn't really her choice. She wanted to be part of the Airforce, flying the plane and fighting for the country.

Jann Marcus Montalez, a playful officer of the Airforce, he is known for being charismatic, gentle and has rightful decisions. He wanted to be part of the Airforce for her Mom and to get the justice for his father who was killed in the ambush.

Would they reach for what they're dreamin of?
Or would they dream to be together for one last time?
Would they take the flight or let there love flew away?

Started: June 2, 2020