Yes, Sir. (Cashby)

Yes, Sir. (Cashby)

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"Mr. Ashby."


"Do you know how insufferably hot you are?" he asked, locking the door, and shutting the blinds.

"Well, yes. I've been told." I said, smirking.

"Wipe that smirk off your face. Before I wipe it off for you."

"And how would you do that, sir?" I asked, standing up.

"Like this."

The next thing I knew, I was pushed up against the whiteboard and Mr. Carlile's lips were on mine.

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thats_r00d thats_r00d Dec 31, 2017
ALEX COME GET YOUR MAN AND SET HIM STRAIGHT (or not if ya know what i mean)
thats_r00d thats_r00d Dec 31, 2017
                              SOMEONE GO GET JOSH FOR OLI.. HES LONELY
Drop Dead only reminds me of ONE person who's always in the back of my mind
BemiTylrone BemiTylrone Dec 26, 2016
I just imagine the real Austin reading this aloud to Ally, Phil, Tino and Aaron X"D
PierceThe_Way PierceThe_Way Aug 18, 2016
Same I'm not popular (far from it) but not invisible, (I wish I was) everyone are fûcking pricks and trash and I hate them
xoCrashFire xoCrashFire Nov 29, 2014
i read the description and I practically had a heart attack and screamed "IM READING THIS" omf I can't wait