Bullied by Luke Hemmings

Bullied by Luke Hemmings

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You may think Abbey is your normal 16 year old.

You're wrong.

Abbeys life is everything but normal. Her parents left her when she was 13, and she deals with depression, anxiety, and self harm all because of Stephanie, and Stephanies boyfriend Luke. The only friend Abbey has is Calum, and nothing ever goes her way. What will happen when Luke sees Abbey doing something he never thought he would see? Will he realize he's  the reason for all this pain? Or will he shake off that thought and continue to bully her?

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JorDunDunDunnn2 JorDunDunDunnn2 Jul 30, 2017
Some people at my school wear things like that and I wore ripped jeans (not super ripped just at the knees) and they signed my card (it's really bad.)
Nakedpizza Nakedpizza Jul 02, 2017
If my teacher saw some girl with dat shirt she would be like "(name) DETENTION, oh and im calling your parents dear(:"
smokecalum smokecalum Aug 02, 2017
This is insanely as one of my best friends' nickname is abster wtf now I can't get that out of my head
RaincloudLuke RaincloudLuke Mar 25, 2017
It's funny cause half these comments are mocking this nickname and the other half are saying 'omg that's what I get called' but I'm just gonna be the one weird comment and be like "HAHA YES I AM THE 42nd COMMENT 🎊🎈"
RaincloudLuke RaincloudLuke Mar 25, 2017
I don't have that "one" best friend...I have none, I mean I have friends but no best ones like the ones you can tell all of your secrets to and everything like that, it's sad actually  (/^-^)/
JorDunDunDunnn2 JorDunDunDunnn2 Jul 30, 2017
Calum? I thought they got Alex! She was A! HOW DARE YOU BETRAY MY TRUST!