Bullied by Luke Hemmings

Bullied by Luke Hemmings

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FINISHED!!!                                            You may think Abbey is your normal 16 year old.

Your wrong.

Abbeys life is everything but normal. Her parents left her when she was 13, and she deals with depression, anxiety, and self harm all because of Stephanie, and Stephanies boyfriend Luke. The only friend Abbey has is Calum, and nothing ever goes her way. What will happen when Luke sees Abbey doing something he never thought he would see? Will he realize he's  the reason for all this pain? Or will he shake off that thought and continue to bully her?

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The police in this book are the worst. She was 13, barely even a teen. So they should've taken her to an orphanage.
PotatoMeh4 PotatoMeh4 Aug 09
Aka hell aka jail aka school aka EF MEH LIFE AND STAB ME WITH MICHAELS CLIFFACONDA.........
                              I swear im inoccent…
                              I blame 5sos…mostly the fandom
Ive lagit read this book and the sequel at least 3 times I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!!
I've spent more time commenting on these first ten paragraphs than actually reading the story
my friend asked me which one is calum. i said the asian looking hot one. she said none of them are hot. we are not friends anymore
ebony2214 ebony2214 Oct 25
How dare you Calum😭 after all the hours I spent watching pll and trying to find out who 'a' is AND ALL ALONG IT WAS YOU?!?