Sweet Obsession

Sweet Obsession

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The State of being Obsessed with some one or something 
An Idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a Persons Mind 

That Idea or Person would Be Kensley Olivia Weston and the minds that she Preoccupies are 14 Very Dangerously Good Looking Men 

You see Kensley shared one date three years ago when she was 18  she went out  with a group of guys 
Kensleys Thought the date went well but , She never got a return call from any of them and never saw them again at the Diner she always went to Bobs Diner it was a old Church that was remodeled to a diner 

Fast Forward 3 1/2 years  

Kensley now works at Bobs Diner with "Uncle" Taylor part time as she goes to school to become a Pastry Chef 

What she doesn't know is the Men she went out with 3 years ago have  been keeping tabs on her she often wonders what happen to them 

3 years ago The BlackBourne Toma Team went out with the most beautiful sexy woman she was only 4'11 barely making it to their Chest she was the right size for them 
Her eyes were what drew them  to her they were Blue Grey just like Their Brothers Owen , her blonde hair was to her ass and what a fine ass it was 
They got called away for a case  but they never forget the little blue eyed beauty in fact they made sure she was safe and protected 

Fast Forward 3 1/2 years later 

North walked into the kitchen of the Diner his Uncle owned didn't see him and kept walking to the doors that lead out to the restaurant when he heard that familiar voice he pushes open the door just enough to see 

His heart stops 

Pulling out his phone he quickly fired off a text 

She's here and just as beautiful she's got curves on curves 

Putting his phone back in his pocket and continued watching The Sweet Obsession of his family 

Let's find out how Kensley feels when the men she went out with one time are back and they wanted her for themselves and will stop at nothing to get her
This is dedicated to @escapingtodreams