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Show Me(BWWM)

Show Me(BWWM)

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Ayeeeeee _shegucci By gucci_withbooty Updated Jun 19

"You are mine" he says  "Zaden", I growl , he was really pushing my buttons now.    "Don't do that" he growls I look up into his eyes and see pure lust.  "Don't do what"? I ask trying to look as innocent as possible. "My name" he says, I look at him confused, he takes a deep breath obviously trying to control his wolf. "My name" he pants "don't growl my name like that".
I give him a curios look "like what like this" he gives me a warning look, but I continue "Zaden" I growl arching my back pressing my chest against his knowing he loves that. "Ella" he says waning me to stop and firmly holding my waist and looking in my eyes I look back in his and see him trying to gain control his eyes switching from black to a piercing blue to his normal green blue eyes then I start to grind against him and moan "Zaaaddeennnn" then he tenses and pushes me against the wall
 "I thought" inhale "I told you" inhale "not to" inhale "do that" exhale I look up innocently with a smirk " you told me not to growl not to moan" he growls then I feel his erection how did I not notice it before " get out I'm about to loose control" he says I stand there and put my hands on his neck "GET. OUT" 
I stand there and whispered the only thing that I was think all day when he was driving and his muscles were clenching and unclenching I growled and said........
                                                                                                      "Show me".

Electric__Love Electric__Love Dec 26, 2016
Um...if they are sisters and you all graduated at the same time and Ashley is older by 9 mouths..then how did she graduated with you...she would of graduated a year before you with that age gap...
norminahslay norminahslay Dec 06, 2016
Yaaaassss moose is fine especially in the new movies he is like a nerdy fine oohhhh
hashyg101 hashyg101 Dec 15, 2016
Machine Gun Kelly is the reason I live I learned the entire raps to all the songs he's made
misswriteandreadalot misswriteandreadalot Dec 19, 2016
I had no idea this was also with werewolves! Now I am in love😀😀