Arranged Love (Neymar JR Fanfic)

Arranged Love (Neymar JR Fanfic)

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Strangest Things™️ By daddydemogorgon Updated Jan 19, 2015

"What?! No! I'm not going to Marry him!" I say with anger. 

"You don't have a choice! We chose him for you now your 20 and your going to marry him! " My mom said. I folded your arms. 

"But Fin! My boyfriend of 3 years?! How can I just end it with him?!?" I shout. I could hear the man I'm supposed to marry shouting from the other room. 

"He has a girlfriend too; now ex! You're going have to deal with it! " She shouted back. My dad was nodding but not saying anything. 

"I met him once, once! When I was 5!!" You shout even louder. The door opens and you turn around. There was a man with brown hair and blonde tinges at the top.  He was actually handsome.

"Victoria, meet Neymar." His mother said. He looked up at me and i had a frown. My dad lead me to him and I looked down. 

"We will let you two talk." Both of our parents leave. 

"Hi." He said. His voice told me he was upset. 

"Hi." He reply and sit on the bed. He leans on the wall. There was silence. 

"So, arranged marriage."

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Anni2611 Anni2611 Jun 07, 2016
No no no, no nononono... I don't hear anythiiing you say. Oscar's WAY to cute for that😌
psychopish psychopish Nov 04, 2015
finn hudson. that's what that came up in my mind when it said Fin
elleinthesky elleinthesky Apr 21, 2015
Actually it would be more like "everything goes on".
                              *brazilian here*
im_perrfection im_perrfection Apr 05, 2015
I would have said: leave me the fvck alone you old evil wrinkled piece of shît
im_perrfection im_perrfection Apr 05, 2015
lol my friend used to have a crush on a guy named Fin, and I would always call him fish boy