Beauty and the Beast (a werewolf human love story)

Beauty and the Beast (a werewolf human love story)

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Foreverpanda21 By Foreverpanda21 Updated Jun 22, 2017

"What about Jacob? He's cute is he not?" Lily asked me purring at Jacob as he walked past our lunch table. I just shook my head. "Well what about Mac? He just can't keep his eyes off you girl." She gave me her best seducing look tossing her curly brown hair over her shoulder and fluttering her eyes while I rolled my ocean blue ones.

"Jacob is a senior. Hes graduating next year and going off to college. So no. No seniors. I don't need to get close to someone and have them leave me within" I paused doing math in my head "4 months and  17 days. And, yes Mac is cute but he is so not my type."

"Oh yeah but Kyle Nack was!"

"Lillian that was 5th grade! Let it go! He was a different person then!" She hated being called Lillian because thats what her stepmother called her.

"Lillian that was 5th grade." She mocked me, "gosh Mikayla you are such a prude! You're hot as hell and everyone knows it! You could have any guy you wanted and Mac, aka hottie mc hottie pants is crazy for you! Give him a...

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