The Styclar Saga (Book1 Lailah): Gabriel short story

The Styclar Saga (Book1 Lailah): Gabriel short story

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Nikki Kelly By TheStyclarSaga Updated Aug 11, 2014

The year is 1941 and Gabriel has returned from Styclar-Plena to Lucan, Ireland amidst the Second World War.

Gabriel has spent a hundred years of Earth's time seeking out Lailah's soul in the in-between, to no avail.

Certain now that Lailah is truly lost, he silences the voices that contest, telling him that she lives-for nothing has ever been more inconceivable.

But when Gabriel comes face to face with the very definition of the impossible, he has a choice to make. That choice will set Gabriel on a new path, one that will change the course of his future.

Journey with Gabriel as he first meets hope.

(Story told from Gabriel's POV)

AUTHOR NOTE: Guys, use the VOTE button in the top right corner, to vote for the short story you would most like to read! Check out the Jonah short story description and make your decision! Both the Gabriel short story and the Jonah short story will be posted right here to wattpad, but the one with the most votes will go up in 2weeks time when voting closes, (August 25th). 

An additional reminder: Both short stories tie in to the main story arc of LAILAH (Book One in The Styclar Saga) but can be enjoyed as standalones if you have yet to read the book. 
You can pre-order LAILAH (release date October 7th) if you wish in hardback, ebook and audio - Links can be found on my wattpad profile page.

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kyraspencer_ kyraspencer_ Aug 24, 2016
Hey guys! So I just came out with a new book of sorts. It's actually diary entries from me. It talks about my life and I am hoping that it also brings more attention to mental illnesses. Please read it and share it with your friends! Thanks b!!
kkcool_mae kkcool_mae Jul 31, 2015
At first I was like why only 1 chapter but then I saw how many pages it was,lol
Life_Is_Pointless Life_Is_Pointless Mar 16, 2015
Ehh..Ehhh...Team um....Gabriel! jonah!....OH I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE ;-;
silentvoiceshout silentvoiceshout Jan 07, 2015
Feel so sorry for Gabriel. This SS helped understand him better....Hanora too (though I don't like her!) 
                              Hope Gabriel gets his happy ending
calislushy calislushy Nov 22, 2014
Just wanna say, I was in Barnes and noble today and I saw this book on the shelf and I was like "WOAH!" And I ran over to it and I was like "....Woah" and then I looked at the author and the inside and I read the inside and I was like "woah....."
fanatic92 fanatic92 Nov 16, 2014
This is truly amazing. I cant decide if i'm team Jonah or team Gabriel.
                              Will you b updating these stories on wattpad nikki?