The Styclar Saga (Book1 Lailah): Jonah short story

The Styclar Saga (Book1 Lailah): Jonah short story

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Nikki Kelly By TheStyclarSaga Updated Aug 11, 2014

Jonah is mortal. 

Though Jonah is living and breathing, he might as well be dead.

The only shelter he finds in which to hide from his excruciating existence is in those seldom few moments, just before waking from sleep. In that half, dream like state, in the unconscious recesses of his mind, he welcomes the darkness.

One night, Jonah meets an alluring stranger who makes him want to be awake again. 

But it's a short-lived sensation, as he is stolen and dropped on death's door. 

The place he once hid, will consume him until there is nothing left-nothing, but the echo from the flutter of the butterfly's wing.   

(Told from Jonah's POV)

An additional reminder: Both the Jonah short story and the Gabriel short story tie in to the story arc of LAILAH (Book One in The Styclar Saga-F&F/ Macmillan) but can be enjoyed as standalones if you have yet to read the book. 

You can order LAILAH in hardback, ebook and audio - Links can be found on my wattpad profile page. And of course, Book2-GABRIEL is due for release this year, you can absolutely pre-order through all  good book stores and major online retailers!

cjc2274 cjc2274 Jun 28, 2015
seriously? ?? Her name is Mariposa?Reminds me of the Barbie movies my daughter used to watch.Ugh
silentvoiceshout silentvoiceshout Jan 07, 2015
Thought vampires got attracted to dark souls but the girl keeps saying Jonah's light ..Trust Jonah to be be an exception to the rule
BrittanyTodd6 BrittanyTodd6 Sep 21, 2014
Oh my poor Jonah!! Nikki you are kinda a genius. and James mars den is totally Jonah to me.
evanlex evanlex Sep 14, 2014
you're such an excellent writer!!just love the character of jonah!! are your books available here in the Philippines?
julienorris julienorris Sep 09, 2014
I cant wait to read more! I like Jonah, but I hope you'll write Gabriel's story as well: I love him. <3 Too bad I was too late in voting, eh?
JoanneLucy JoanneLucy Aug 31, 2014
absolutely fab, I love the way you wrote about his turning and how hauntingly beautiful he is from human to vampire. good work as always xx