I'm His

I'm His

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MindDiversion By MindDiversion Updated Aug 17, 2014

Dean Perks. Carefree. Leather jacket. Smokes. Expert mechanic and knows that he has the perfect motorcycle. He is also pretty damaged because of his past and definitely from what he lost a month ago. He knows that he is broken and he gave up the countless attempts to fix himself ages ago. 

Blair Conner. Control freak. Sarcastic. Perfectionist with a hint of shyness. Always manages to see the good in everyone, even the most broken. You won't believe how naive this girl is until you meet her.

Then comes a day she meets Dean. Not so surprisingly, it turns out to be the day she finally opens her eyes. She learns about his past, he learns about her's. He tells her to stay away, but of course, they never agree on anything. He knows that he is going to break her heart one day and therefore, he tries his best to stay away from her. But little did he know, that Blair always finds the good in everyone.

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