Yes, sir. (Teacher x Student)

Yes, sir. (Teacher x Student)

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Issy By Vulpes-zerda Updated Oct 19, 2014

Skylar gasped as her teacher pushed her up against the wall of his house, lifting her up by her firm ass, causing her to wrap her legs around his waist. "You are mine." he whispered before smashing his lips onto hers. 

Skylar Ashton, a mysterious girl from Brighton, England, moves to a new school after she becomes an orphan. She works the night shift to pay for her brother's apartment, to pay for school supplies and to survive. She is not like the other girls her age, she doesn't like to drink, smoke, party or chat a lot. She never got the chance to. She is hurt, broken and afraid. Unfixable as some people call her. 

Apart from one.

After moving to a new school in a remote area of England, she is forced to live with her abusive brother. She argues with herself each day, wondering if it is worth it, she prays that someone will save her before it is too late.

And that someone does, unfortunately it is her super hot teacher.

Amylase0303 Amylase0303 Aug 23
Wait let's go back a bit .... she wore shorts... in Britain... this is a joke 😂
jocy_24 jocy_24 Jun 16
When I read this my brother dropped a glass and it shattered 🙃
Age doesn't matter, but if its illegal plz follow those rules...
arayaann02 arayaann02 Jun 09
There are a couple spelling errors. Is there any another way I would be able to reach you besides commenting?
chance1235 chance1235 6 days ago
lol i thought she was just taking two showers like it's normal 😂😂😂
But that is sad that somebody, especially her brother could do that to somebody...