Captivated by a Highlander

Captivated by a Highlander

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E G G By EmilyGraceGrant Updated Nov 25, 2017

Christine Calhoun is a violin prodigy, seventeen years old, with the perfect group of friends and the best parents a teen could ask for. But when her father died in January of 2015, her mother was devastated. And just when things could get any worse, Melissa meets Alan, a laird from the Scottish Highlands. She's shipped out of Florida to live in Scotland, her mother saying that this was a new beginning for their family, but all Christine wants is to go back. However, shortly after finally settling in, her mother falls ill. The only condition to bring her back is being time warped to the past or to live out her days as Alan's servant. 

Unwilling to let herself live with Alan, Christine is whisked off to 1200s Scotland, where she meets Kain Monroe, the fierce and dangerous Laird of the Monroe clan.

Kain is dark, dan
gerous, and cold to most people in the Highlands. Christine finds him to be vile and cruel.

Then why is she finding herself to fall in love with a man she established she can't stand?

[ highest ranking: historical fiction #2 ]

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VulpesLagopus VulpesLagopus Aug 16, 2017
I missed the first lines so I nearly choked when I read the "black faces bit."
VulpesLagopus VulpesLagopus Aug 16, 2017
Scotland is lovely. Besides, for all the rain you'll have to endure in Scotland you must be glad to get away from the Floridian...Floridish...Floridiane...(I give up) humidity.
mommapunkin mommapunkin Dec 20, 2016
Marrying a man 10month's after her husband past away!!!? Isn't that kinda of sudden! As if something isn't right!...
FishSlapper FishSlapper Jan 21, 2017
XDXD one of my best friends' name is Melissa, and she plays the violin.
Skyblu3 Skyblu3 Jul 30, 2016
Lol I would've been like "Yeah? And what are you gonna do if I'm late dipsh!t?"
MoonlitDusk MoonlitDusk Apr 29, 2016
I think Alan has an interest in her which is wrong. I get creepy vibes off him and it sounded like he was threatening her upon their entry in the castle. She needs to stay away from him