We Will Be Crashing Shortly

We Will Be Crashing Shortly

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Ava Myers By notarealauthor1066 Updated 5 days ago

Let's face it. How many people have you met stuck to their childhood dream their whole lives? Chances are, not many. You hear about it all the time, in fact, I'd even say it's become a common cliche. 

Now, how many people have you met who, when achieving said childhood dream, ended up crashing in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. I know the chances of you knowing a person who's experienced something that specific are pretty slim. 

But what if I told you when this person (whom you probably don't know) got back to the real world, they discover that they had been declared dead five years ago. 

So, with nowhere to go, they decide to live with their  'college student' brother and his roommate. 

Now, I know for a fact that you've never met an individual who has experienced something like this. 

Meet Paris Bates, who has to catch up with the world five years in the future as well as live with the side effects of the crash, and the betrayal of the person she's closest to...

(Updates: The 6th of every month, starting May 6th 2020. More info in Authors note.)

(sorry for the long description 😅)

(PS this is somewhat a rough draft, meaning it's still in the process of editing, therefore not exactly my best work 😬)