CROSSFIRE || twilight saga

CROSSFIRE || twilight saga

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• ° *✸࿐      FORKS, WASHINGTON WAS ALL CARTER STEELE HAD EVER KNOWN. With its deep dark forests and towering mountains, and a near-constant rainfall or overcast skies, it was just as dreary as it appeared. It was a boring place with boring people. The only big excitement Forks ever received was the occasional stray bear making its way into the town, or the rare sunny days that practically forced everyone outside for a small taste of the nice weather. So, of course, it was only natural that the tragedy of the Steele family was so famous―it was still being talked about a full six years later.

      Carter doesn't particularly like the spotlight, especially since that light practically turned her into a social pariah. After all, it was difficult to hold a conversation with a young girl whose brother disappeared and whose parents perished in a house fire. Though, Carter guessed the personality switch she had in the aftermath of it all didn't exactly make her any more approachable. From outgoing and bubbly to isolated and morose, how could anyone other than her young aunt turned guardian possibly stick comfortably by her side?

      Carter supposed she didn't much mind being alone anymore. It was safer for her. Well, until Sheriff Charlie Swan's daughter moves back to Forks. With a little nudge here and there from her aunt, Carter finds herself tangled up in Isabella Swan's new small-town life. But with Isabella's knack for trouble, the two girls soon find themselves caught up in a dangerous game with one of Forks' notorious families. From deadly outsiders, an ancient society of monsters, strong vendettas, and a struggle of love, Carter will do anything to protect those she has left―even if it means putting herself in the crossfire.

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