An Arranged Marriage to my Enemy

An Arranged Marriage to my Enemy

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Yashiba By bookaddicted5 Updated Jun 23, 2016

"Karma is a b*tch fireball." He whispered against my ear, making me shudder.
"Just wait, and watch. fireball. How I take you down. How I tear your world apart."

I could feel his blue eyes penetrating my hazel ones.

"You will never succeed." I spat.
He chuckled, humorlessly, enjoying my agitation.
"You and I both know that's a lie tiger. You are about to be destroyed. And the reason is.."

I shut my eyes. hating the truth as much as his handsome face as I felt his fingers press against my chin.

"Beacuse, you are about to be mine."


Brooke Davis is a phenomenal woman. She's the one woman who could make Satan cry for his momma. But, Brooke's so called perfect world is about to fall apart.


She's about to get married, to the rich and famous Nathan Ryder.
The very Nathan Ryder whose life she had destroyed years ago.

And the bigger problem?
She can do absolutely nothing about it, because she is bound to him by a will. A will with no loophole to escape.
And what's worse? Nathan is ready.

Nathan is more than ready to have his revenge.

Simply_Tamsyn Simply_Tamsyn Jun 26, 2016
I was wondering if you've read the Annabelle series? Because your endearments for your characters are exactly the same as that published book.
patatoooo-crap patatoooo-crap Aug 17, 2016
Am I the only one reading this in august ? Jeeez I'm late fot everything
Carls101 Carls101 Jul 16, 2016
Seems it'll be interesting I hope you update seeing as how it's been a while since you have cause that's what I really hate about authors when you get India good book and they never finished or it takes them like 6 months to update
IsaaVianna IsaaVianna Jan 24, 2017
Brooke Davis? As in Brooke Davis main character of One Tree Hill?
awesomeatc awesomeatc Mar 06, 2016
definitely, i'm reading one of the most awesome writers story!
ImATubelight ImATubelight Mar 10, 2015
Oh my gosh! This sounds so fudging good!! Can't wait to read it! :-)