just larry smut ✨

just larry smut ✨

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a collections of Larry smut that I'm sure you'll enjoy as much as i did

i don't own any of these and I didn't write any of them

you can find them all on AO3 (:

cover made mostly by my friend fumharry go follow her on here she's pretty

Right now I already know that this is gonna be my new favorite😂😂😏
This just happened.Also consider that I am a boy and gay and a bottom and ajxhsousjajaj.
                              Me: Mom, I wanna go to Dildonardo's.
                              My mom: That sounds like a sex shop.
                              Me: It is.
                              My mom: Oh of course then,let's go!
                              ....I love my mom
I'll say sleep deprivation is my kink whenever someone asks me about the dark circles under my eyes lma