Hope and Believe

Hope and Believe

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He was told, 

❝Some people come in your life just to teach you how to let go.❞ 

And he replied with a soft tone,

 ❝But I never wanted to learn it.❞

Sarah Williams has a terrible past which can't be forgotten easily. Most of her horrible memories were made in a place she hates the most. When her father suddenly left them, her little messed up family decided to elope from the hell hole they were living and shift in Venuslynn -- a place where a lot of unexpected things are waiting for her. 


After shifting in Venuslynn, she hopes to make new friends, new moments, new memories and forget the ugly ones. But you know, they say, 

❝You can hide the memories but not erase them.❞ 

As she hides her pain in one corner of her heart, she continues to go with the flaw and one fine day, she happens to encounter with Lucas Smith. 

The boy who got labeled as bad boy just because of his past. 

After meeting Lucas, can Sarah discover what led Lucas to be seen as a bad boy? Or will she misunderstand him as well just like others?  

As she starts to know more about him, she realises most of the unanswered questions of her past is connected to his past and only one person with whom she just encountered one time.
Poor girl just wanted to live a normal life with her family, but ends up learning ugly truths that she wished she never learned. 


 She has a past to forget, while he has one to not forget as his beautiful memories of past are more alive than him.

after shifting in Venuslynn, Sarah is hoping to forget all of the horrifying memories which is not an easy task.

Lucas believes that someday, he will find someone who will accept him because of his past no matter how dark it is.


She hopes and he believes......