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Rutuja By heartmeltinglove Completed

Picture this, a notorious guy in school, that's the most egoistic person you have meet, that obviously has the looks, money and the 'badass' reputation.He meets a girl -imaging it's you- that's the opposite, she's hard working, vulnerable and organised. Her reputation to people sucks as they name her the 'nerd'. She wouldn't care what people think of her.

But what happens when two opposite collide?

Will it follow the analogy, opposite attracts or will they  rip each other's head off.

Will it eventually turn in to lust.

Or will Miss Nerd decide not to allow Mr badass to play with her feelings.

If your intrigued by formulating how two opposites come together by just four letters called L-O-V-E read Untamed feelings.

Book editor : @Yoyoguys

heartmeltinglove heartmeltinglove Jun 04, 2016
Yeah I know abt dat...I am trying on editing it...and thanks
tOyTraiN tOyTraiN Jun 10, 2016
Great start...sarcasm nd thoughts were awesome...going to read further...
jerry5ks jerry5ks Jun 18, 2016
I loved this book !!! Can i marry you !! hahah just kidding !!
I read it and really its superb keep the good work going n all the best dear 😙😘
poohbearnene poohbearnene Aug 19, 2016
i just finished a book and beth was sleeping with her sisters exboyfriend while they were together😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
hitz24j hitz24j Jan 17
Nice work Rutuja just saw this book today and couldn't resist myself to visit wattpad ..1st chapter is just amazing desperate to read the whole stuff..
                              Proud to be a samvedi..