A Casual Affair  ➳ Ryden AU

A Casual Affair ➳ Ryden AU

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ABANDONED ACCOUNT By Room708 Completed

Ryan Ross and his best friend Brendon Urie get shoved into the closet in 7 minutes in heaven...they don't wanna get out.

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never read mpreg before, but this is ryden so i'll see how it goes... oh dear...
XxSweeney_ToddxX XxSweeney_ToddxX Sep 20, 2017
Anyone else here because of someone they follow on instagram?
PoisonFern PoisonFern Dec 26, 2017
*breathes deeply* please don’t hurt me like Guilt Tripping did
BlackIsMyAesthetic_ BlackIsMyAesthetic_ Oct 22, 2017
Oh well I guess this will be my first mpreg story even tho I avoided them, but apparently the galaxy tells me that there is no way out so I guess...oh well it's not like I have any innocence to lose
bellamistyy bellamistyy Sep 28, 2017
i didnt know what mpreg meant so i read on and when they found out ryan was pregnant i was like WHAT
emo_trash105 emo_trash105 Nov 12, 2017
*breathes deeply* hoooooooo thisll be my first one and I'm not sure I'm ready.