A Casual Affair  ➳ Ryden AU

A Casual Affair ➳ Ryden AU

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ABANDONED ACCOUNT By Room708 Completed

Ryan Ross and his best friend Brendon Urie get shoved into the closet in 7 minutes in heaven...they don't wanna get out.

JorDunDunDunTGGBB JorDunDunDunTGGBB Nov 16, 2016
First ryden fanfic that I'm going to read other then the milk fic. IM READY.
Hey I'd like to thank the baby who was miscarried before me
                              the sacrifice had to be made for me, fetus 
                              I'm a horrible person 
                              It was just a cell I swear thoXD
I swear to god I don't need another Guilt Tripping incident or a Pickle incident so just....Hnnngh
amanda_is_jesus amanda_is_jesus Oct 07, 2016
BAHAHHAHAHHA. @PercabethFangirl1. Yes I have a problem I'm aware. Don't judge me this is payback for all that PERCABETH YOU SEND ME.