A Casual Affair  ➳ Ryden AU

A Casual Affair ➳ Ryden AU

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ABANDONED ACCOUNT By Room708 Completed

Ryan Ross and his best friend Brendon Urie get shoved into the closet in 7 minutes in heaven...they don't wanna get out.

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Anyone else here because of someone they follow on instagram?
Oh well I guess this will be my first mpreg story even tho I avoided them, but apparently the galaxy tells me that there is no way out so I guess...oh well it's not like I have any innocence to lose
bellamistyy bellamistyy Sep 28
i didnt know what mpreg meant so i read on and when they found out ryan was pregnant i was like WHAT
*breathes deeply* hoooooooo thisll be my first one and I'm not sure I'm ready.
Anarrk42 Anarrk42 Oct 23
thanks but no thanks (but also imma read it anyways because im desperate for ryden)
I saw smut and I was like YUSSSSSSSSSS and then I saw homophobia and I was like NEVERMIND