Make A Wish || {On Hold}

Make A Wish || {On Hold}

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"Make a wish." He says.

"I wish that I could stay this way forever."

"What way?"



Aubrey runs. She runs for fun. She runs to escape her problems. But after she collapses in the middle of her meet, her problems catch up to her and she finds out that she has AML or Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.

Scared that she will die, never once having a boyfriend, she uses her wish on a date with her crush.

Two years later she is NEC or No Evidence of Cancer. She returns to her high school where she sees Justin, her crush, the guy she went on the Make A Wish date with, her first and only kiss.

His kindness, understanding, and bravery leaves her falling hopelessly for him. Which leads her to wonder, did she ever really fall out?

Once Aubrey's sickening past catches up to her, she has only one goal; to protect those she loves from its consequences. What she doesn't realize, is that shielding someone from something, will only hurt them more.

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