✔Weirdo Next Door •| Kim Taehyung |•

✔Weirdo Next Door •| Kim Taehyung |•

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       I was enjoying my breakfast, when Tae suddenly asked. "Hey, where do you wanna go for our date today?" I stopped eating and look at him, frowning. "What do you mean by date? This isn't a date." I said, shaking my head.

     He raised his left eyebrow. "But, Joon hyung said that this is a date.." He come closer to my face and put his forefinger at his lips. "A secret date." He winked right after he said that. He went back to his seat and smiled widely at me. 

     I got a feeling my cheeks is turning slight pink and hotter. What's wrong with me? Just because he winked at me? Yah! Get youself back, Nad!


[W A R N I N G]

Starting date : 11 August 2014
Ended date : 29 November 2015
Officially Ended date: 24 January 2016

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Kay1aw Kay1aw Apr 04, 2017
Lol I'm 5'8 and I'm only 40kg like honestly everyone thinks I'm starving myself
lostinthamagic lostinthamagic Jun 23, 2017
Ohmygod everyone here in the comments are so small and light and here I am not so tall either but I weigh like a ton, I feel like freaking whale 🐳
Syaerys Syaerys Jul 25, 2017
Nad?  Pfft hahaah i'm nad tho hihi.. My height about 167 and weight 50 hihi just telling
tinutuan tinutuan Dec 24, 2017
Watafack it's the beginning and my hearteu just exploded. WAEEEE?!
-spaceprincess- -spaceprincess- Jan 02, 2017
Jungkooks is always gonna be a fetus has never gonna change it NO (It's the climb)
kimtaetae476 kimtaetae476 Jan 21, 2017
hhaha komawo for making me the lead character komawo and for armys 우리 모두는 당신을 사랑합니다.