✔Weirdo Next Door (A BTS V FANFICTION)

✔Weirdo Next Door (A BTS V FANFICTION)

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Nad didn't like the School Kingka, aka Weirdo Kim BYUN Taehyung.


What what if, the school kingka, aka Handsome Kim Taehyung, live next door? 

  Pathetic, right?

[W A R N I N G]

[W A R N I N G II]
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Jungkooks is always gonna be a fetus has never gonna change it NO (It's the climb)
Parksomin_ Parksomin_ Nov 16, 2016
160 and 40kg lol why are we all sharing our height and weight HAHAHA
Real_Life_Noob Real_Life_Noob Nov 27, 2016
I am not cute but people say I look somewhat attractive.I don't know why because I am not at all attractive.
imacubancupcake imacubancupcake Dec 17, 2016
165cm (5ft 4in) on a girl is basically average hieght. Not tall at all. Unless you're surrounded by people that are like 5ft and under
Istoleyourjams Istoleyourjams Dec 14, 2016
I'm 168cm and 42kg I swear I eat loads idk why I'm even commenting this
emosewame15 emosewame15 Dec 10, 2016
Lol I'm three seconds into reading this and I absolutely love it omg👏💖