We found each other

We found each other

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Aria By AriaSkylinn Completed

He smiled. "Because you, Linnet, you're not an ordinary human girl."

I had been told that I was different, I was used to living in oblivion to my own existence. Until he came in my life and turned my world upside down. How was I supposed to take it? I had been dwelling on these unanswerable queries concerning my own self. ' Who am I? Why can I hear thoughts? When did it all begin?' And today specifically, I was curious about it more than ever.


Genre: Fantasy / Teenfiction

This story is about two high school students, Linnet Flores and Tyler Stark who are bounded by fate. This is about a girl who never feared extraordinaries, and a boy who is not what he pretends to be. In the midst of finding answers to their mysteries, they found each other.

 What will happen, when Linnet discovers what powers she possesses and why is Tyler helping her? How does he know more about Linnet than Linnet herself? Is he the 'soulmate' Linnet is hoping for to appear in her life? If not, who is he?


Start: 25 January 2020
End: 8 April 2020