Johanna Mason: This Is My Story

Johanna Mason: This Is My Story

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EverydayWriter By EverydayWriter Updated Apr 17, 2016

Johanna's mum - Natalie - thought that staying at home one reaping day to look after her sick 10 year old son wouldn't hurt anyone. Only to her surprise, there was a loud banging on their front door a few days later. Before they could open it, peacekeepers came barging in, looking for Natalie. A bullet was through his skull before anyone could stop them.

The worst part of it all for Johanna and Jack wasn't loosing their mother, it was loosing their father. From that day forward he would drink, and drink, and drink. At first he would beat his children, both of them. Johanna stood up to him. Threatening him about laying a hand on her brother, Jack. He took the warning in, but never stopped lashing out at her.

But now, 2 years later - yet another reaping - and Johanna's name is pulled from the bowl containing hundreds.

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