Cool Kids | ✓

Cool Kids | ✓

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For Summer Grace, life has always been simple; she wasn't the center of attention and she was okay wit that. More than okay, actually. She preferred it more than being popular. 

So add in some cool kids that'll turn her life upside down and lead her down the road she'd never expected herself to be on. 

[read at your own risk because i wrote this two years ago - subjected to editing]

zxaraa zxaraa Mar 11
I hate when they refer to 'cool kid' I'll cringe every time. I hate the word 'Cool' :(
emplary emplary Jun 15
Guess who else is a Valentine's baby ,,,,,,, me ! And I love it so much!  Red wrapped presents all the time ! No boyfriend!
Isn't this worded wrong? You probably should've just put emphasis on morning instead of "thus the am might I add"
RyahMoar RyahMoar Apr 28
Hey wha sup I don't want to sound bratty or  anything but it would me the world to me if some of u guys could check out my stories. 😊
Never put the numeral in, just put two. It's grammatically correct.
My birthday is the day after and it's not too bad, but I hate Valentine's Day, I think it's stupid, but yeah other than that it's fine