Legend of the Seven

Legend of the Seven

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Humans were cast out of Eden for committing the original sin...

Now Seven will answer, should Humanity live forever?

"What gives the Guides the divine right to deny you or anyone else eternal life?"

Author Notes:
Welcome aboard this adventure. Let us explore the answers to "should we live forever?" and "does the end justify the means" together.

The current release schedule is Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday around 1 pm MST.

Goal - Reward: - Active from 24 February
1000 Views - 1 character "interview"
10 votes - Bonus Chapter
10 Reviews - 1 character "interview"
10 Library adds - 1 character "interview"
10 Gifts - A fans directed Q & A for any character
100 Chapter Comments - Plot question Q & A [I will try not to spoil too much ;)]
10000 Views - Bonus short story drop

More goals and rewards will be added as the journey goes on.

Once a week, one lucky commenter will be featured in a chapter.

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