My mate is a flirt (boyxboy)

My mate is a flirt (boyxboy)

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Just call me Rosa By Rosalyee Updated Oct 06, 2013

There's only two words that describes this story: Horny werewolves.

It seems like the troubles are endless just because my mate is always horny. And I mean always. I can't possibly have sex with him 24/7. You understand me, don't you? Even thought I'm a werewolf I only feel horny when something seriously arousing happens. Is that really so strange?? And my mate... Yes, my mate is a flirt. A huge flirt. I know that and I don't care. I just get jealousy very easily, and he knows that.

He goes around flirting with boys in our town and picks up lonely werewolf boy who has lost his mate. He seems delicate and really submissive, but who knows what secret he's hiding behind those beautiful misty eyes. He's mysterious one. 

And then comes three werewolves from another pack to our town looking for a fun. All male without mates.. But wait, one of them does have a mate, it's the one standing next to him. Who would have guessed that they're mates when they flirt with other guys. That sure sounds like us. 

I don't flirt, but my mate does. That's okay, because he has way too much energy. But even I feel attracted when I see someone gorgeous, even if it's not my mate. I'm male werewolf, not some tamed human boy. 

In this story flirting with someone other than your mate is totally acceptable if only, it is a pure flirting. The only one you can love is your mate, in romantic way. Everything else, comes after your mate. Your mate is the most important. You can't love someone else. 

...........Or chaos will come.

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