The Proposition. ~Justin Bieber

The Proposition. ~Justin Bieber

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brunoshooliganx By brunoshooliganx Updated Jan 17, 2017

A love story about two bestfriends who grew up with each other and have been completly inseprable since. 

Justin Drew Bieber. Over protective best friend of Isabella Ramirez. Justin is known as the most popular and attractive guy in high school. Every girl swoons at the sight of him and he loves it. He reacts to the female attention most of the time not realising he's hurting a certain important female in his life. Justin becomes unsure of his feelings about his best friend and thinks of himself terribly when he thinks of having feelings for his best friend Isabella Ramirez. He finds her absolutely flawless like the rest of the male population at his high school, but never acts up on his feelings and constantly pushes them to the side. He considers her his little sister.

Isabella Ramirez. Best friend of the handsome Justin Drew Bieber. Isabella is known to be the popular, humorous and nice girl that gets along with everybody. The male population secretly swoon over the stunning teenager, not openly showing their feelings for her due to the intimidation of Justin Drew Bieber. She had never had a real boyfriend and had only been on a couple innocent dates due to the fact that Justin wouldn't approve of any guy she fancied. She was not a slut when it came to intimacy with a male and was actually quite innocent. The furthest she'd been was kissing, unlike Justin who had did it all. She's been in love with her best friend Justin Drew Bieber for as long as she can remember, but always kept her feelings hidden, knowing he didn't feel the same. Her heart breaks more and more each day seeing him with other girls. She tries to make it out as if she had a crush on the schools bad boy Jason McCann- which she did, but it would never compare to the love she had for Justin.

What happens when she gets offered a proposition to be with one of them. Justin or Jason?

Read on to see where they end up.

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