A Taste of You || TaeJin

A Taste of You || TaeJin

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'Too many cooks spoil the broth' ---K. Th

' But it only takes one creep to ruin my kitchen!' ---K. Sj

Kim Seokjin, a Michelin star winner chef has been working for three years at the fabled restaurant 'Silver Spoon'. 

His manager adores him, his sous chefs worship him and his exquisite dishes make a regular appearance at the column of praise. Everything is just perfect!

That is until his manager decides to bring inside his kitchen a zazzy and flamboyant chef. Kim Taehyung, who is known to be miraculously good at French cuisine, a Michelin star winner himself and the topper at Cordon bleu. 

A battle of the best breaks out! 

Taehyung tries every possible attempt to make the man accept him, from being sweet and sugary, to flirty and forward, to being dominant and adamant and finally down to groveling. 

However, his wishes get answered in the most unexpected way possible!

A frolicsome romance with a side of crunchy mishaps and a touch of spice!  

Main ship: TaeJin [toPTae, bottOmJin]
Other ships: Yoonseok and Kookmin

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