Holding Your Hand || kth • pjm

Holding Your Hand || kth • pjm

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Myrto Marina Mporou By vmindrunk Completed

"I love him... what to do..." 

Two strangers holding hands without knowing each other's names. They never asked, never cared to know. The only thing they knew was the comforting feeling rushing through them when holding each other's hands. They had been in love since the very beginning, and they didn't even know it. 

┊͙Vmin story┊͙

┊͙Jimin: bottom┊͙
┊͙Tae: top┊͙

┊͙Started: 26/1/2020┊͙
┊͙Finished: 19/2/2020┊͙

┊͙Book One: Holding Your Hand || kth • pjm┊͙ 
┊͙Book Two: For Now & Forever || kth • pjm┊͙ 
┊͙Book Three: Yours & Mine || kth • pjm┊͙

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