Blessings In Disguise (lesbian)

Blessings In Disguise (lesbian)

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Dylan Tate, a San Francisco native, was perfectly fine with living a carefree lifestyle free from any major responsibilities.  One particular day life smacks her upside the head with a greater responsibility than she could have ever bargained for.  Will she fail at becoming a grown up or can she rise to the occasion?  

Layne Bishop, on the other hand, was quite familiar and comfortable with responsibility.  She was also already a grown up, something she had to achieve sooner than would usually be necessary.  Layne yearned for commitment, love and family -- none of which she had in NYC.  Could a trip across the country deliver better fortune?

***Note:  I hope you'll give it a chance, but you may not want to read this if intimacy between those belonging to the same gender is not your cup of tea :-)  If you do choose to read on, if you'd be so kind please share your thoughts with me.  I'll give ya a cookie.  Okay, three cookies!

ADDED:  September 29, 2012:  Hey all, I'm glad that the reads for this book have picked up, but could ya'll please tell me what you think about it?  I won't know if you like it unless you tell me and/or vote.  Even if you just post one or two words, it would be much appreciated.  Thank you :)

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Rency95 Rency95 Aug 19
"You'll be all alone" she keeps saying the stupidest things!
Daammmnnnn, I like this chick lol. She doesn't deserve to be cheated on
Take it, ring someone else's door, set it down, THEN RUN FOR DEAR GOD
precums precums Jun 29
Kissing and talking romantically with someone else is cheating
Fûcking hell this two timer is so cold... she never loved her partner to start off with
This bitch is just a block of ice. Like gtfo no one likes you