Blessings In Disguise (lesbian)

Blessings In Disguise (lesbian)

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Dylan Tate, a San Francisco native, was perfectly fine with living a carefree lifestyle free from any major responsibilities.  One particular day life smacks her upside the head with a greater responsibility than she could have ever bargained for.  Will she fail at becoming a grown up or can she rise to the occasion?  

Layne Bishop, on the other hand, was quite familiar and comfortable with responsibility.  She was also already a grown up, something she had to achieve sooner than would usually be necessary.  Layne yearned for commitment, love and family -- none of which she had in NYC.  Could a trip across the country deliver better fortune?

***Note:  I hope you'll give it a chance, but you may not want to read this if intimacy between those belonging to the same gender is not your cup of tea :-)  If you do choose to read on, if you'd be so kind please share your thoughts with me.  I'll give ya a cookie.  Okay, three cookies!

ADDED:  September 29, 2012:  Hey all, I'm glad that the reads for this book have picked up, but could ya'll please tell me what you think about it?  I won't know if you like it unless you tell me and/or vote.  Even if you just post one or two words, it would be much appreciated.  Thank you :)

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Does she not know that bisexuality exists or are we playing like it aint real 💀💀
tazmanianpanda tazmanianpanda Jul 03, 2017
Is Rose a psychic of some sort? Maybe a fortune teller, or is she Ms. Destiny? Lol
GigglesRead GigglesRead May 09
Why are all gay girls in these books called Dylan like be original y’all
Mermaid_Lady Mermaid_Lady Jul 02, 2017
Lol I bet she finds her and shes just like "LOL nope that's your baby now idk what cha talkin bout lady*
Preiksha_Jain Preiksha_Jain Aug 10, 2016
@Megabucks any story of yours, never ceases to make me laugh my butt out, because the way you write them, is pure genius, and the reading becomes so enjoyable that I have read your stories more than thrice.. !!
                              And I love this one more than I read it the last time !
kadefirestorm kadefirestorm Jul 17, 2016
At this point in the story i'm hoping Rose is like a X-mas elf or something