The Unpredictable Fire Queen [Fire Lord Zuko x Reader]{ATLA}

The Unpredictable Fire Queen [Fire Lord Zuko x Reader]{ATLA}

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Fire Lord Zuko needed a wife, fast. 
You were the least tolerable of the bunch, so why not?
He just didn't know what he was setting himself up for...

Fire Lord Zuko x [Reader]

**Disclaimer: Wattpad decided to categorize this story as Mature yet the content does not exceed Teen status**

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HelloImFeralin HelloImFeralin Apr 04, 2017
My name is Melina which in Greek means Sweet as Honey. And I am pretty sweet and caring :3 EVEN THOUGH I AM NOT ONE BIT GREEK! IM A LATINA!!!!! GOT MY NAME FROM A GREEK ACTRESS!
KiraSilverstrike KiraSilverstrike Apr 10, 2017
Wow. No words can explain how much I was hooked and it's barely the first chapter. As a fan of Zuko it caught my attention.
JakePucci JakePucci May 25, 2017
I f***ed Zuko and I'm pregnant. So you stuck with me.
CheezitsChrusttttt CheezitsChrusttttt Nov 29, 2016
*yells off of a building* ZUKOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DON'T YOU REMEMBER MEEEEEEE?????????? *eats popcorn* WHYYYYYYYYYYYY????????!!!!!!!!!
Percylover3 Percylover3 May 04, 2016
I screamed, threw my fist in the air, and said "YEEES!! F*CKIN B*TCH!"
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