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The rejected hybrid

The rejected hybrid

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lovelydogyay By lovelydogyay Updated Nov 16, 2014

Ravin a 16 year old hybrid 
She hides her powers so then she doesn't 
Get killed her family died from trying to protect ravin
She was born in blue moon pack what
Happens when she meets her mate and gets 
Rejected after being treated bad by
Her pack 
Ravin is a
Vampire and
Sorry I'm not good at description but you love the book!!

Ok I'm not really criticizing you but you really need to use punctuation because right now it's so confusing when somebody reads the sentences that it looks like one whole thing instead of different parts of it especially when somebody  speaks
- - Dec 22, 2016
First of all, USE PUNCTUATION. Second of all, it's witch NOT wich. Sorry
Beauty__TheBeast Beauty__TheBeast May 05, 2016
I don't even know when they speak cuz there is no SPEECH MARKS!!!
catslytherinheiress catslytherinheiress Dec 22, 2016
I⃗t⃗'s⃗ c⃗u⃗r⃗l⃗e⃗d⃗ n⃗o⃗t⃗ c⃗u⃗r⃗l⃗e⃗d⃗.
AngelBeats0726 AngelBeats0726 Dec 13, 2016
I'm sorry this a pep peeve of mine. I hate it when people don't do punctuation, I get frustrated. I'm just advising you, not criticising.
catslytherinheiress catslytherinheiress Dec 22, 2016
P⃗l⃗e⃗a⃗s⃗e⃗ a⃗d⃗d⃗ p⃗u⃗n⃗c⃗t⃗u⃗a⃗t⃗i⃗o⃗n⃗. A⃗n⃗d⃗ I⃗ w⃗o⃗u⃗l⃗d⃗ l⃗i⃗k⃗e⃗ h⃗e⃗r⃗ a⃗s⃗ a⃗ f⃗r⃗i⃗e⃗n⃗d⃗ a⃗l⃗s⃗o⃗