Hell Bound Hearts

Hell Bound Hearts

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livy By LivyNorth Updated 7 days ago

He's the guy you shouldn't look at the wrong way. She's the girl who is compelled to look at everything that intrigues her. With his gorgeous looks, venomous tongue and "get the fuck away from me" attitude, Grae Walker is all things intriguing.

Grae is all but modest. He has an inflated ego, but even the solid walls he's built up around isn't enough to keep the determined Delani Davis out. With a sharp tongue and pride like no other, she's the needle to his inflated balloon of ego.

When his second strike lands him in jail, he is forced to take an internship to avoid the charges. By a twist of fate, his new co-worker turns out to be none other than Delani herself. He finds himself asking the question:  that if this reckless girl isn't so bad company? 

But Grae has many secrets, many faults and has done a fair share of mistakes. What happens when all his mistakes come back to hurt him where it hurts the most? His newfound, hell bound heart.

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