Magcon Sex Slave

Magcon Sex Slave

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cupcake_ninja57 By cupcake_ninja57 Updated Nov 10, 2014

I'm Kaitlyn Adams. I'm 18 years old. I have blonde hair. It's pretty long it stops half way down my back. It's very straight and doesn't curl in less I have a chance to curl it.

I live with my mom and older brother (Jaden) in a house a bit bigger than an apartment. I'm almost taller than my mom I am 5'6 while on the other half my brother is 6'4.

At school my brother is more of the popular on where as to me I don't stand out I'm more in the shadows. Even though I get builled in school my brother could care less. You're probably thinking "He's your older brother why doesn't he care?"

Well you see right as I turned 17 my brother started abusing me and making me have sex with him. He would mostly do it when my mom was at work busting her ass off. But I have gotten used to it now even though it still haunts me to this day on.

Okay now let's move on...

'Kaitlyn wake up it's Saturday." Jaden came in and reminded me.

Most normal teenagers would be excited that it's Saturday. But not me I...

danielle670 danielle670 Apr 07, 2015
First being banged at home now with magcon your vajj is torn out