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Year 2095, couples are now decided and set by the Marriage Matchmaker application, and any other romantic interaction beside this match is strictly forbidden.

So what happens when two people give in to an irresistible and dangerous attraction on an unexpected steamy encounter? 

Passionate about the law and its respect, Anastasia is a young woman studying hard for her dream to become a lawyer. She is serious, hard-working and pragmatic; breaking the law is something inconceivable for her until one forbidden encounter with a married man.
From then on, all her beliefs will be challenged as she is about to get married to her match.

Nate is the most promising soldier of his generation, and he is forming the perfect couple with his wife of two years. Brave and loyal in his work as much as in his marriage, he never got in trouble, knowing too well what happens to those who don't abide by the rules.
But everything is about to change when he meets a mysterious innocent woman who drives him wild.

Anastasia and Nate are two people who always followed the rules, but together they seem to break all of them.

Will they be able to resist their dangerous outlawed passion or will they give in and risk their lives?

Can a little love bug defy all the scientific data and rules?

One thing is sure, things will never be the same after this love bug...


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THE SPRING AWARDS Runner-up in New Adults

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