EXO's Bodyguard

EXO's Bodyguard

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개일 By sweetandbroken_ Updated May 17, 2015

Every fangirl dreams of marrying those twelve guys.

Heck, some would even sell their soul just to hug and kiss them.

While on the other side of the story, she was the most respected sunbae-nim.

The leader of leaders.

A classy and rich heir in SoKor at day,

The best government agent at night.

You can call her a world class spy..

But out of all her success, why the heck did she suddenly find herself as EXO's Bodyguard?!


"It's going well, considering the fact that they drive me crazy most of the time.. But other than that, it's fine.."


"How can you possibly sacrifice something that's not yours? Why would you have to do it, when the both of you will only be in pain in the end?"


"Love is a seriously messed up thing, that even the smartest people can't figure it out. Because if they did, we wouldn't be having this problem."


"In love, there's always sacrifice. So deciding whether you should do it or not isn't required. But the reason why you're doing it for."

You I cant really wear heels because my feet are big! Like we call in filipino "Malapad".
I dont hate dolls but I hate scary dolls....their creepy...like Annabelle...
RLawati RLawati Jun 16, 2016
Did u guys hear about Kris and Luhan suing (sue) the company (SM Entertainment)? And now they need to deal with it!
                              Luhan and Kris said the company treats them very badly as if they're in the army... (Something like that!)
melody20032 melody20032 Jun 18, 2016
Same like when i sleep i feel like they are all watching me😱
Sumajay13 Sumajay13 Oct 18, 2016
Omfg I cannot right now. That is my name right there omg the coincidence is killing me
AyanoAishiDesu AyanoAishiDesu May 05, 2016
                              YOUNGHEE WITHOUT CHEOLSA 😂 ILY, DINO~