My Merman

My Merman

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𝓌𝒶𝓇𝒹𝒶 ✮ By flora_flush Updated Nov 21

A trip to Sardinia let Destiny meet a strange guy. A guy with hot, sexy, irresistible body, beautiful silver eyes and similarly silver hair. 

Destiny saved that guy from drowning and find him completely naked! Okay, maybe his swimming trunk got removed while he was drowned, anything can happen. But she doesn't know that he is a Merman! And when she learnt, so many complications and problems arises. And one of them is love. 

The guy make her laugh, cringe, embarrassed and mostly gets her in trouble. Destiny gets mostly embarrassed and dumbfounded by the merman's questions and actions. He tries his level best to learn and adjust himself with the lifestyle of this different world which is way different from his world. 

Can Destiny teach the Merman how to survive in this Human world and can they both 'not' fall in love?

Started: 25 January, 2020
Completed: .........(Ongoing)

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