Bad boy suga. [Book 1]

Bad boy suga. [Book 1]

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Started; November 8th, 2014.

Ended: August 22nd, 2015.

suga_julie suga_julie Sep 12
Why ride when you can fly? And i'm not a baby... I'm a teenager. I think i know that because i go to school boi!
Wow that went fast enemy to besr friend
                              If only that happened with my enemies
LavelyLC LavelyLC Sep 03
Imagine walking to school and then a car passes by and you hear "yo, nice skirt (skRrrRT)"
Wouldn't the delinquents just.... sexually harass you as well....? And isn't that kind of insensitive to use THAT as the reason you switched schools...? Looks like there still is no good Yoongi fan fic on Wattpad. I'll be sticking to AO3 from now on I think..
minyoonjiii minyoonjiii Apr 15
i memorized them in a week but i memorized exo in 2 days HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA i feel so dumb. i memorized suju in 3 days lol
Sweet_Suga10 Sweet_Suga10 Nov 24, 2016
Lmao tell me why i ( a red velvet fan) thought of my foreign exchange student Wendy instead of red velvet Wendy