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"I will not hesitate to bend you over the nearest surface, and spank the living day lights out of you. Am I making myself clear?"

Holland has always had separation anxiety. First it was with her mom, but now it is with these two hooligans...who are her mates? But what are mates? Holland has no idea the ride she is about to go on with these two Alpha Mates, and their ability to stop at nothing to protect what is theirs.

HIGHEST RANKING: #7 in werwolf :D :D

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manxsuit manxsuit 5 days ago
Look, over here. ☝🏾It’s some immature person who thinks religious people aren’t allowed to express their sexuality.
Welp....That’s majority of commenters during one of THOES scenes
I dead ass thought this said warning: based on a true story. It doesn't even look like it said that but I'm tired as hell and can't sleep. YEET
I was that person when this book was new-ish. When she still updated, lol
This comment might get deleted, but as a Christian myself with a father as a pastor, those things should not offend you. Especially if you write a book like this.
*drinks a whole gallon of holy water* BRING IT ON, BITCHES, I'M READY