Robbery (Light x Reader Book 1)

Robbery (Light x Reader Book 1)

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Craver By RexonaHill Completed

Your name is (y/n) and you have found a book called the Death Note. That same day you are visited by a shinigami. You are told how it works and learn how to use its power. You find out who Kira is and want to work with him, but he's a little more forward than you thought at first. When someone else comes into the picture, Light becomes.. different. Find out more along the way!  

I do not own Death Note nor the characters involved in the Death Note project from Japan, but I do in fact own and/or have rights to the way the story goes and what time it takes place in since I am the author of this fanfiction and it is a project of my fangirl mind and is purely for the reader's satisfaction as well as my own.

**Warning**May Be Triggering For Victims Of Physical Abuse Or Abuse In A Previous Relationship**Warning**

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I’d rather had Ryuk instead. He’s such an åss that it’s funny.
I was hoping it could be a cross over shinigami so grell or someone but i guess rem is okay
I'm a psychopath..... I prefer to be a sociopath, thank you very much...
... I was thinking of it being some other Shinigami or... Death the Kid... Or Lord Death...
I know you killed L but I forgive you because it was all Lights fault!
__Ivory__ __Ivory__ Dec 03, 2017
Tbh, I would kill my stepmom and stepsister first. Then my mom, dad and siblings. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAH