A Glimpse of Your Soul

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Maria Krause By MariaKrause Updated a year ago
Robbery detective Cedric Rutherford has, like the rest of his kin, a strange ability. In his eyes all humans are surrounded by a color--the color of their souls. However, there is a far weirder thing that he can see: ghosts. Ghosts of whose existence ordinary humans have no idea. 
    One day he meets Misae Davey, an odd, small, unimpressive girl, seemingly weak, but with a very powerful aura. Driven by his innate curiosity, he is determined to find out the source of the brightly burning red surrounding her, unable to fathom what kind of feelings she could repress to the point of looking lifeless.
    [cover by salmasey]
It's very enjoyable! I've longed to read some good detective stories and I would say, yours is definitely one of the them!(: Can't wait to know what would happen! And the idea of the aura seems interesting, too!
I like the protagonist's personality. He makes the adventure very enjoyable to read :)
I love the title of the chapter! I also love the chapter too! Keep it up!
You, my dear, are, as always, a fantastic writer. Therefore, write more. :)
Aaaaaaand I love your story :DD Can't wait for the next one!