The Budding Roses

The Budding Roses

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***Jan 2016 - The Budding Roses has been selected as one of the TOP 10 ONE DIRECTION FANFICTIONS worth reading by Sugarscape! ***

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Set amidst a chaos of hilarity in 1990's Brighouse, West Yorkshire, The Budding Roses is a classic Young Adult coming of age novel which follows the anxious voice of teenager, Simone Rose, and her descent in to panic, as she struggles to cope with the all-consuming occupation of lusting after boys and the emotional exhaustion of never being able to find the right one.

As Baywatch plays on the television Simone has just vomited for the twelfth time, which as she has established has to be God's secret punishment for her recent transgression with the loathsome Harry Styles. At least she has Baywatch to maintain her spirits during illness, and it is from her sick bed that she falls in love for the first time with tanned, floppy haired Adonis, life guard Eddie Kramer. 

Powered back to health by her emerging amour, Simone soon realises that the coal blackened streets of Brighouse offer just as many hotties as the far flung beaches of Southern California. If only best friend, precocious know it all, Natasha could share her romantic sensibilities instead of chasing after Harry and his stupid football or worse still High School's newest hero, Liam Payne. Why can't such losers bog off and stop embarrassing her with their immaturities? Unfortunately for Simone, such luck is not to be hers.

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