The Devil Inside Me (#1)

The Devil Inside Me (#1)

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cHarrisonLane By cHarrisonLane Completed

She knows that at least a part of him is as evil as the demons who want to kill her, but she can’t resist his fiery gaze – or his strong body.  Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a problem if he didn’t feel the same way about her…  

Pursued by unknown demon adversaries, Ava enlists the aid of a young demon hunter named Rike to protect her as a last resort.  Even knowing that his amazing ability stems from the fact that he is part demon himself, she is drawn to him and quickly finds deeper refuge in his body.  Rike’s mind is a dark place, but Ava has her own secrets as well, and the two of them together might shake the balance of both heaven and hell before they’re through.

Warning: This story is FOR ADULTS ONLY!  It includes explicit scenes of sex between m/f, oral sex, rough sex and harsh language, also devilish themes, violence and blood.

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goldndiamonds goldndiamonds Aug 03, 2017
Hey. You write so well. Why don't you continue this. I mean the plot of the story is really very interesting. I hope you will think about it.
AbriannaBubar4 AbriannaBubar4 Aug 01, 2016
Seriously? This should be reported. This app is for free books.
chisawesome chisawesome Jun 16, 2016
Why didn't it say this was a sample somewhere? it is unfair that you don't.
ChengyBoo2 ChengyBoo2 Feb 25, 2017
This app is for free book if you don't want to update this then this should be remove here...
debracook1614 debracook1614 Apr 16, 2016
I don't purchase from Amazon or anything if I can't get a book here on Wattpad or on playbook for free then I don't buy him sorry I'm not going to get to read your book
HallStorm HallStorm Mar 11, 2013
OHHHHHHHHHHHHH I want to get it on Kindle!!! I think I will!!