Remus Lupin's twin!

Remus Lupin's twin!

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Hey my name is Victoria Azalea Lupin I have a twin who practically everyone knows as Remus Lupin. I'm going to Hogwarts for my 4th year. See I used to go to Beauxbatons academy of magic but I got kicked out for pulling THE BEST PRANK EVER on three girls who were horrible to me. So over the course of a month I've lost a lot of weight and have been training with weapons. Let's see what happens during the year shall we?

~I do not own any characters that belong to JK Rowling~

|Warning may contain some swearing. Don't say I didn't warn you.|

TheGirlWonder0412 TheGirlWonder0412 Aug 18, 2016
Don't mean to be a pain but Griffindor has two f's not one. Sorry.