Countdown to Inferno

Countdown to Inferno

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Al Raposas By alraposas Completed

"Everybody wants to rule the world... even if it's a destroyed one."

Three great powers divide the known world. One of them is on track to offset this power balance as it seemingly undertakes the grand task of unifying the world. After 100 years of brutal economic, military, political, and even religious campaigns, the Republic of Dalreida has achieved a vast empire stretching from the Cargan Ports to the Aramathian Desert. May they be gods and goddesses, or princes and princesses, the rising republic has embarked on depriving nation upon nation of self-governance.

In the midst of all these, Dalreida's primary personality, Lord Piso, has been serving as the republic's dictator for six years. Entering his seventh year in office, he shocked allies and enemies alike with a hazy calendar reform. Along with it is a pledge to pass on the reins of power after the so-called "longest term." Then again, to whom will it be passed? Or will it be passed down at all? With so much at stake during the "longest term," what does Piso's gamble entail for Dalreida and the world? Will it bring heaven on earth? Will all hell break loose instead? Or something else in between to purge the world of everything it ever had?

The Countdown to Inferno has begun.


Countdown to Inferno by Al Raposas

Planning Commenced: 28 January 2019
Writing Commenced: 20 February 2019
Book 1 Announced: 3 August 2019
Book 2 Confirmed: 10 February 2020

Author's note: Original work. This is my first shot at a fantasy novel, so please, please be gentle and enjoy reading! Cover art is not mine.

Peak rank in category: Second (2)
1st place, Love Yourself Awards (Mystery/Thriller Category)