Forbidden | Avatar the Last Air Bender

Forbidden | Avatar the Last Air Bender

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zenthyl By zenthyl Updated Dec 30, 2015

Raised in the North Western water Tribe, Ayuzawa Tasha was an extraordinary girl. She was a strong willed, powerful water-bender and warrior of the tribe - many admired her outstanding fighting skills and bravery. But no one knew that her powers were fueled because of her powerful spiritual past; a past that even she herself was unaware of.

An incident in the Northern Water Tribe led to Ayuzawa being enslaved to the fire nation - she was to be the loyal assistant of Prince Zuko: to help him on his search for the Avatar.

So join our protagonist, on her journey together with the Prince of the Fire Nation while she finds out more about herself; as she meets the Avatar, old friends, new enemies and new allies - and of course, learning about her spiritual past.

It'll be an adventure of a lifetime.

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Not tryna offend anybody that like fire bit I think water is stronger because that can put out the fires
EmiLou2808 EmiLou2808 May 12
No stay angry at him for a while longer! He had your mother at knife point!
EmiLou2808 EmiLou2808 May 12
Also she's a WATERBENDER. Only the Avatar can bend more than one element. How on earth are you gonna fit this in?
It hasn't officially been introduced to the world yet. Hama's the only one that knows about it.
Wait, how is she able to learn another element other than water. And the exact enemy/ opposite of her element. It's simply impossible, unless she's the avatar, which she is clearly not. So how can she learn TWO elements. It could possibly KILL HER!!!
Fuzzycutelady Fuzzycutelady Jul 29, 2016
This is where my brain got so annoyed and lost that I stopped reading this story