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Biancha By LittleBabydoll Updated 3 years ago
Eighteen year old Cass has a secret. One not many people know of; only her brother Alex and her father Thomas.
    At night she fades, she doesn't know where and she doesn't know how. Only that it started after her mother's death ten years previous. Little does she know it’s because of her silver locket, and the note enclosed. It takes her to another world, Isarii: the land of Imagination.. The locket belongs to Isarii, and because of its existence in our world, it is causing both worlds to merge together. If this happens, there will be no imagination, and no reality.
    Will Cass fade into Isarii in time to save both Isarii and Our World?
very nice i like the way you write and this is all so interesting!! i'm reading on :D
This was a brilliant opening chapter. I adored the language used and the vocabulary selected. Great plot development too. Keep up the great work!
It's a great start. The descriptions are fantastic and they really painted a picture in my head. Can't wait for more!