Night of the Tails [Eren/Levi]

Night of the Tails [Eren/Levi]

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Levi's Sister By _Ereri_ Completed

Eren and Mikasa go to Maria High, and they are both 16 years old. Eren stumbles across two neko people. One has glossy, black undercut hair named Levi and the other has a ponytail and glasses named Hanji. Eren happens to love cats and just can't resist taking them in. 

Eren ends up with weird feelings whenever he gets around Levi, and eventually can't hold them any longer. 

What will happen when those feelings for the handsome neko are set free?

Created: August 2, 2014

Don't worry, you'll be wanting to sleep with this shtty brat soon enough ;)))
                              *slaps mikasa*
                              HES A BEAUTIFUL AND MYSTERIOUS CREATURE!!!
                              *picks Levi up and hugs him*
                              I-IM STEALING HIM!!!
                              *jumps out of window with Levi*
See all these comments about how he lives in a basement. Hahaha, wouldn't want to spoil anything.
Omg... Levi would murder me cause my rooms a pig pen according to my parents
Levi be following him around shaking his booty as his tail sways back and forth
Hello, Levi, welcome to your Gay Thoughts. We have lots of tea. Stick around. ;)